Marketing Stunt of the Day: Betty The Chicken is This Fast Food Joint's New Social Media Manager

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Something is fowl over at Australian food chain Chicken Treat.

The company has hired a new social media manager, and she's a literal chicken.

Betty the chicken has taken over the restaurant's Twitter account with the goal of sending an actual 5-letter English word by Oct. 30. And so far, she's said some pretty profound things.

=7o8hy6ho4d231wdty - 2 651r mn 213w ygehr nm 11`a xzb m.9,n #chickentweet— Chicken Treat (@ChickenTreat) October 15, 2015


AZAVZUYTZZIIZA #chickentweet— Chicken Treat (@ChickenTreat) October 14, 2015


Some words of inspiration from Betty. And remember: if a chicken can tweet, you can do stuff too. #ChickenTweet— Chicken Treat (@ChickenTreat) October 14, 2015

Betty is clearly a very smart chicken. This shouldn't take too much longer.

Helpful Police Act As Crossing Guards for a Family of Ducks


Thank you to everyone who stopped while this family of ducklings flagged down a Police escort across a busy Christchurch intersection. They went on to explore a newly formed water feature!!! :) ;)

Posted by Canterbury Police on Monday, September 7, 2015
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This Bird Is Ready to Replace the Answering Machine

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According to The Daily Dot, this is a Myna bird and its Japanese is incredible.

If It Smells Like Bull...

By ToolBee (Picture by: DailyPicdump)
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